How to make the most out of Shopify Launchpad

How to make the most out of Shopify Launchpad

Pre-launch periods can often be stressful and time-consuming, having to work out of hours to ensure everything is set up for a launch. However, big commerce events are brilliant ways to gain a lot of purchases and growth so it’s often the case that merchants put up with all this hassle to ensure they aren’t losing out. Luckily for Shopify Plus merchants, Launchpad can take away a lot of this stress as well as freeing up time for other tasks that can grow your business even further.

Introduction to Launchpad:

Launchpad allows merchants to automate general manual tasks, discounts and promotions, flash sales and theme updates. Launchpad acts as a control centre for all your commerce events and launches, allowing you to track progress via the analytical dashboard. Real-time adjustments can be made in order to lift your sales and your time is saved for extra tasks which can take your business to the next level.

Scheduling Manual Tasks:

Many manual tasks are crucial for the general running of your site, but can be tedious and take a lot of your time away from your business. Launchpad allows these to be taken care of even out-of-hours, with everything set and ready to go on your behalf. Here’s a few of the ways we think Launchpad really shines when it comes to general site tasks:

  • Setting up automated price changes for when you’re planning flash sales or seasonal price drops.

  • Using Launchpad to implement captcha technology on your site to stop bots from making purchases – which is especially important if you’re having high-discount promotions.

  • Automated inventory increases, which can be useful to implement at the beginning of new seasons or holiday promotions to ensure you’re making the most out of your sales.

  • Changing product descriptions to suit promotions or holiday themes.

All of the Shopify Launchpad options can also be used alongside Shopify Flow, which we’ve written about here – and this will truly transform your business. Even though these see like small minor tasks, having automated control over them can make larger events run more smoothly, especially when these events can also be automated.

Design Updates:

Although it might be easy to maintain the same theme throughout the year, often some tweaks to your design throughout seasonal and holiday periods can draw customers to your products more and encourage more sales. Launchpad can control these design updates for a specified period of time so the labour is out of your hands whilst your site is constantly looking fresh. There will no longer be a need to take the site offline to make changes, as Launchpad can launch the new theme automatically when you choose for it to happen.

Automated Discounts and Promotions

When used alongside Shopify Scripts, there is the chance to use Launchpad to create customer discounts, promotions and even offering free gifts with purchases. This feature allows you to preset these discounts and promotions for both collections of products and standalone products, so the choice is endless. Discounts and promotions can create hype and anticipation amongst customers, especially when emphasised effectively with email marketing, you can really boost sales and gain a lot of revenue.

Launchpad also allows you to monitor the success of your sales and promotions, as it offers an events dashboard from the moment all your campaigns begin. This is particularly useful as you’ll be able to see where you’ve been the most successful as well as where to improve for future campaigns to make the most of your sales. Monitoring conversion rates in real-time on the professional dashboard is one of the many great features that Launchpad has to offer.

If you’re looking to upgrade to Shopify Plus and need some advice, or want to ensure you’re making the most of Shopify features, contact us to see how we can help to transform your business.

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