Full Fat Commerce is a team of web designers, developers, project managers, and QA testers that collaboratively build creative Shopify stores for ambitious brands. Together, our professionals have decades of experience, often working with clients across the globe. At Full Fat Commerce, we aim to build businesses, not just websites.

Who we are

  • UX/UI Designers

    Our designers see the world differently. They make our team unique, using a creative lens through which they approach analysis of your existing design and development of your new one. Their specialty is working closely with project managers for full comprehension of a client's requirements in order to achieve the best design possible. Our designers are innovative, collaborative, and skilled, ultimately improving the way the world views your products within the context of your brand.
  • Web Developers

    Full Fat Commerce’s team includes front-end developers that have a relationship with Shopify unlike any other. Our developers dream big, and bring sites to life through quality code and attention to detail. We get things right the first time, avoiding any back and forths over amendments. Improving the inner workings of your site has never felt so effortless.
  • Project Managers

    When it comes to business, time means everything. Each project we take on has an assigned project manager, who provides a single point of contact from start to finish. Our project managers act as a liaison between our team and you, working around launch dates, deadlines, product releases, and more. Gone are the days of confusion surrounding who to contact. At Full Fat, it’s always clear, simple, and convenient.
  • QA Testers

    Form follows function, and a beautiful site means nothing without the reassurance that it works. Our QA testers act as every variant of your business’ customers. Your site undergoes rigorous evaluations for the most common browsers on the most popular devices, ensuring functionality is always flawless. QA Testers represent the final step of creating a site before customers are given the chance to engage, therefore working software is paramount to them.


  • This scaled-up version of Shopify allows them to host any size company, handling up to 10,000 transactions a minute, so your platform is always ready to handle growth.

  • ReCharge adds subscription payments to Shopify, and also allows us to build custom subscription signup flows and quizzes.

  • Klaviyo is a unique marketing tool that puts business owners at the forefront of personalised marketing, namely email marketing and compounding metrics in customer data.

  • Octane AI builds technology that enhances customer experiences through conversational commerce, personalised communication, and direct merchant-to-customer contact.

What We Do

  • Custom Shopify Builds

    It takes a standout eCommerce team to make your brand stand out in the eCommerce space. Full Fat Commerce puts your company’s personality and brand identity first, using what makes you unique to custom-design and build a website. From individual pages to complete sites, Full Fat’s custom websites are visually-stunning and well-organised for optimal conversion.
  • Priority Support

    With priority support, our team at Full Fat Commerce takes on the role of your personal in-house web team. Support to us means handling day-to-day maintenance and more, always with the goal of ensuring your store is successful. With your website actively reflecting the way you grow and any immediate changes necessary, you’re free to focus on the bigger stuff.
  • Brand Identity

    You know where your brand is at, you know where you want it to be, but what happens in between? Full Fat Commerce has taken the questioning out of success, ready to provide mission statements, logotypes, iconography, typography, color schemes, and photographic direction unique to your brand. New or looking to newly rebrand, our team of creatives is ready to amplify your identity.
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Our Clients

It’s an honour to have worked with such amazing clients, and we’re proud to have played a part in their success.

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  • James Lane

    James Lane


  • Alex Cottingham

    Alex Cottingham

    Project Manager

  • Theo Styles

    Theo Styles

    Lead Developer

  • Molly Dimefski

    Molly Dimefski

    Head of Design

  • Dmitry Kryshtopa

    Dmitry Kryshtopa

    Frontend Developer

  • Seth Zworestine

    Seth Zworestine

    Head of Visual Content

  • Jen Merritt

    Jen Merritt


  • Michaela O'Callaghan

    Michaela O'Callaghan

    Marketing Executive

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