Why An Upgrade To Shopify Plus Could Be Worth It For You

Why An Upgrade To Shopify Plus Could Be Worth It For You

Upgrading to Shopify Plus is an investment starting at around $2000/month; but gives you significantly more features, control and functionality compared with other Shopify plans. This enterprise-level system allows merchants to put more energy into business growth whilst the technicalities and infrastructure of their site are taken care of. Shopify Plus is proven to be hugely beneficial to high growth and well-established stores, sites with a desire for specifically customised stores, and businesses that simply want to push more energy into growth. If you’re considering an upgrade to Shopify Plus, here’s a look at why we feel it could be a worthwhile investment for you…

You need greater customisation

Although Shopify out-of-the-box provides various opportunities for customisation of themes as well as by using third-party apps, Shopify Plus allows for customisation to be taken to the next level and creates a personalised customer journey through your site. With access to script editing, the checkout page can be customised in ways that were unavailable beforehand, allowing you to personalise the design to your brand and boost conversions. We worked closely with LABFRESH to create a bespoke single-page checkout to fulfil their needs. Contact us to find out how we could similarly transform your site checkout page.

You need extra support

Shopify Plus offers customers expert technical support 24/7, targeted specifically to Plus users. This allows users to have access to a dedicated account manager, as well as launch management, assistance and migration tools which allow for a hassle-free upgrade.

You’ve heard about the payment fee benefits

Shopify Payments already allows card and payment details be stored for future purchases – reducing checkout time for returning customers and so boosting conversions whilst also reducing the risk of cart abandonment. Level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) ensures security is maintained, alongside security SSL certificates being present on each page, ensuring customer trust and assisting SEO.

Where the benefits of Shopify Plus more specifically can truly be seen is through the reduction of transaction fees, so you can often end up saving money despite your upgrade. For high turnover businesses, this can more than cover the $2,000 cost of Plus.

Launchpad and Shopify Flow

Launchpad allows you to set up and launch specific events with start and end dates (such as sales, seasonal specific page design changes, and Captcha technology) in order for you to plan for various activity on your site in an organised fashion. Shopify Flow enables you to create automated workflows and tasks which can cover promotions, loyalty schemes, customer management and inventory control. Both Shopify Plus exclusive features; Launchpad and Flow are handy for allowing more time to focus on business growth.

You want to limit any potential restrictions

With unlimited bandwidth, Shopify Plus assists growing businesses in handling large amounts of traffic, as well as the ability to deal with sudden traffic influxes which might occur during flash sales. It can deal with around 10,000 peak orders per minute, as well as 4 million hits per second – so your site won’t be crashing and disrupting sales. This explains how some top Shopify Plus sellers manage to sell out of their releases in record time.

You’re keen to sell more broadly

Shopify Plus lets you clone your site up to 9 times within the same account, which is really helpful for accessing multiple languages and currencies with less reliance on extra plans or third-party apps. Shopify Payments also lets you edit these currencies at any time, so you can constantly keep up with market changes. Multi-platforms can also be managed from your Shopify site so you can utilise multiple marketplaces and social media platforms for selling. As well as this, Shopify Plus targets their previous wholesale limitations – with the new opportunity to run a separate wholesale page via the existing account.

If you’ve been considering taking on an upgrade to Shopify Plus contact us to see how we can help to customise your site to fulfil your specific needs.