5 Ultimate Tips for Modern Day Digital Marketing

5 Ultimate Tips for Modern Day Digital Marketing

Marketing is crucial to any business these days, and marketing opportunities are ever-changing. Although you might have some classic marketing tricks up your sleeve, perhaps it’s time to give your strategies a bit of a revamp to fit with the new trends and audiences. Millennials are the prime target for marketing campaigns; they’re the largest generation and have extraordinary purchasing power – so it’s about time you throwing campaigns towards them.

Online Presence

Although your site may be well-established, you need to ensure your online presence is strong across all platforms and social media. Millennials are likely to search for a brand before purchasing, so it’s important to ensure your SEO is good and that you have decent profiles across the most used social platforms in your industry so they gain trust in your business. Make sure you have regular posts on Instagram and Twitter that are relevant to your audience.

Mobile Compatibility

The majority of millennials use their phones for shopping, so it is handy to ensure your site is mobile-friendly. We can offer expert advice in making sure your site offers full accessibility whilst browsing your site via smartphone. Consider having a specific app for your store instead, and this could be a great way to offer exclusive offers to customers which use your app and encourage more purchases.

User Generated Content

Nowadays, customers want social proof of successful products before they make the purchase themselves. Seeing those who are in the same position as themselves enjoying a product is sure to convince customers that the product is worthwhile and will trust in your brand. User-generated content is a great way to do this, whereby you can repost customers’ social posts and showcase your products in use. This is the perfect time to build your online community and create a specific hashtag for customers to use when posting about your products. In this way, you can repurpose customers’ posts as a direct element of your marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is still on the rise at the moment, and is a perfect way to reach out to your prime shoppers. As well as having trust in other customers, your shoppers will have trust in people of influence within your industry and so influencer marketing is a great way forward. If you’re unsure where to start with this, we’ve compiled a great guide with tips and regulations so you won’t be left in the dark.

Making a Difference

Many shoppers now are influenced by the social responsibility of a company, and want to personally do good. By emphasising that you enact social change through your business, many millennials will be encouraged to make a purchase even more. If you know your business makes a difference, emphasise this, whether its environmental or charity related. In reality, no one is going to turn down a purchase that does something good, but it might work the other way around when they can’t see any benefit from their purchasing. Emphasise whatever you do well and make customers aware of your social responsibility.

With all these tips and tricks, you’re certain to access the best marketing strategies for the modern day and will reach to the millennial effectively. Start today and watch your business transform and succeed.

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