Ultimate Black Friday Checklist Part 2: 17 October must-dos before Cyber Week

Ultimate Black Friday Checklist Part 2: 17 October must-dos before Cyber Week

For Shopify merchants, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 is set to be the biggest Cyber Week yet, and preparation is key. You’ve already planned your high-level tactics in September, so October is all about marketing and automation. Here are 17 things to tick off your list before the end of the month.

Set yourself up for success with this October BFCM checklist

Step 1: Plan your BFCM marketing strategy

✅Choose optimal marketing channel

✅Plan timings and audience for your marketing flow

✅Start teaser campaigns to build anticipation

✅Buy traffic early, before CPC costs start to rise rapidly, and use this traffic during BFCM

✅Plan your email marketing strategy and use the power of segmented email

✅Continue building your newsletter list

Step 2:Plan your sales strategy

✅Make sure you have product and lifestyle photography for all of your products

✅Arrange photo and video shoots if necessary

✅Create graphics and copy for posts

✅Plan, draft and schedule all social posts with a tool like Hootsuite

Step 3: Implement site changes

✅Create landing pages according to offers like discount ratios, product price, best sellers, and BFCM

✅Special Edition offers to help boost your paid campaign performance

✅Create new imagery or any new copy needed

✅Any discount codes or sales messaging to be clearly displayed

Step 4: Set up automation

✅Create and prepare any automatic email flow

✅Make sure your abandoned cart, browser abandonment, and back in stock flows are working

✅Make sure your shopping feed is working and all items are approveš

✅Shopify Plus merchants can use Launchpad to automate and schedule sales, promotions, and content changes

Don’t let Black Friday and Cyber Monday sneak up on you!

Want help bringing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday plan to life? Get in touch with us here at Full Fat Commerce, and we can assist right away.

Want the full plan? Download the FULL Black Friday Cyber Monday Checklist here.

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