How to Maximise Conversions from the Product Page

How to Maximise Conversions from the Product Page

Ultimately, when it comes to converting visitors to your site into customers, one of the most important pages is the product page. This page features product images, specifications, an item description and various other bits of information that is designed to help people decide whether or not they would like to complete their purchase.

Getting this page right can be a difficult process, but after years of trial and error we have been able to put together a list of our top tips to help you spruce up your product pages and increase your conversions on Shopify.

Pique people’s interests straight away - When customers click on your product page they should instantly be able to tell that they are in the right place. Make sure any defining product features and the products name are in bold, as well as clearly showing the price and how to buy.

Address customers needs and wants - By working out why your customer needs or wants the product you’re selling, you can personally tailor the copy to address this. Use the features and benefits of the product to directly tell your customers why they should be buying the product, and specifically why they should be buying it from you.

Compliment product photography with videos - As well as including high quality, detailed photos of your products of the product page, consider including a video too. This gives you the chance to show how the product works, as well as showing it in much more detail. More often than not, having a video of the product will give you a competitive advantage over those that also sell similar products.

Highlight a very clear call to action - Every product page should have a clear call to action - whether it be order online, book a slot, make a reservation or call to book - make it very clear what the customer needs to do.

Activate a live chat on key pages - Having a live chat active on key product pages is a great opportunity to immediately answer any questions or concerns people may have, quelling any fears and allowing them to make a purchase.

Up-sell and cross sell relevant products - Product pages are the perfect place to personalise up-sells and cross selling of products. Using customers’ shopping habits and previous page views you can suggest products that they may also want to add to their basket.

Showcase product reviews and testimonials - Showcasing product reviews and testimonials from previous customers saves people from having to search external sites for their reviews. Whether you use an external reviewer platform, or allow people to review items directly on your site - you should definitely display them alongside each product. If you’re struggling to get product reviews, why not try offering an incentive for customers to review products they’ve previously purchased?

Display accreditations and guarantees alongside your product descriptions - If the products you stock come with any guarantees, featuring it prominently on your product page will help encourage people to purchase their products from you. Often, a great placement for these can be considered directly under the product images, as it’s where people’s eyes are drawn to when they land on the page.

Consider SEO when you write product descriptions and headers - When writing your product descriptions and item headers, think about how you’re going to optimise these for search engines. Include the keywords you want to rank for to increase your chances of showing up in Google, as well as using metatags and descriptions on all pages and images used.

Let us know what you’re going to do to spruce up your product pages and increase your Shopify conversions!

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