A First Look at Instagram Checkout

A First Look at Instagram Checkout

Instagram are taking a step forward into the e-commerce industry with their recent announcement of Instagram Checkout. This new feature allows Instagram users to make purchases of products they see on their feed, whilst remaining on the app. At the moment, the feature is only available in the US and for big brands such as Adidas and Kylie Cosmetics (they’re focusing a lot on fashion and beauty brands it seems), but there’s no doubt that when successful, they will expand. There’s also promises of future integration with other merchant platforms, which is great news for Shopify businesses.


How does it work?

The feature is available on Instagram feed and Instagram Stores (to last for 24 hours), but not on ads. So, when a user is browsing their Instagram feed and passes a product they’re attracted to, by clicking on the image they will be able to see a ‘checkout Instagram’ option. Through this, they can choose colours, sizes, and other options and then complete their purchase without ever leaving the app.

The first time around, customers will have to enter payment details but after this, Instagram will save them for future use. It is confirmed that Instagram won’t give any details to the companies selling, except those needed to make the purchase. Customers can manage their orders directly from Instagram, getting shipping and delivery information from the app itself with no need to check emails.

So, what can Shopify merchants look forward to?

When the feature expands to include Shopify businesses (and other e-commerce platforms), there’s a lot of potential for selling products. Customers love seeing products in use, especially seeing how fashion items can be styled or how beauty products can transform their look, so being able to buy directly from these images will be a huge turning point for conversions. This will be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of influencer marketing and user-generated content on your Instagram feed to encourage more purchases. This feature also takes away the extra effort of finding a product and then having to leave their original app to visit your site, nor do they have to tirelessly search for the product they were

We’re looking forward to seeing which businesses take the plunge and use this feature when it’s opened up to Shopify users, and we think it can really transform the e-commerce world and open up a range of opportunities.

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