The Best Way to Display Reviews on Your Website

The Best Way to Display Reviews on Your Website

Tips for Best Displaying Business Reviews on Your Website

When you run a Shopify store, you care about more than the products you create. How customers react and are impacted by your goods is essential, and reviews are the number one way to understand how buyers feel about your company. Read on to examine some of the ways to best display customer reviews on your website.

Keep Reviews Fresh and Updated

We all know that businesses grow and evolve over time, as do their products. When adding reviews to your website, ensure that those featured are recent in order to give customers a clear idea of what products they'll be receiving. If you're finding that your reviews are becoming a tad outdated, considering running coupon codes or promotions that give rewards to customers who provide their thoughts on a recent purchase.

Consider a Review Carousel

Carousels are an aesthetically pleasing way to display a range of reviews, and are incredibly effective from a UI/UX perspective. Past studies have shown that shoppers trust product reviews quite a bit, and embedded reviews keep customers on your site as opposed to clicking out to a third-party review platform. The more reviews you're willing to display, the more customers will trust that your product is worth the price. Choose existing reviews that cover a variety of products and demographics, so that any customer will find one that appeals to them.

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Embed Reviews Everywhere

Consistency is key when it comes to keeping reviews at the forefront! For specific product pages, tailor reviews to the content. For new releases, have the first reviews for that product automatically populated to that page. For blog posts and social media campaigns, see if a humorous or entertaining review could serve as a creative CTA. The goal is to foster connection both to the product and to other customers who use a product, and you should allow customers to speak on your behalf wherever possible.

Address the Bad Reviews

Bad reviews are bound to happen in time, and you shouldn't let them discourage you. Instead, face disappointed reviews with enthusiasm and care, publicly addressing how you can better the situation. This may be less pertinent to the reviews you keep on your site, but can be integral for reviews hosted by third-party platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews. If your reviews page hyperlinks out to additional third-party posts, ensure you're checking for negative opinions on a regular basis to avoid deterring future customers.

Reviews Can Be Four Stars

There's a lot of pressure on businesses to only display five star reviews. While that can be most effective on pages like the homepage, where only a select number of reviews can be exhibited, this doesn't always apply to things like product pages or pages dedicated to reviews. Opting to keep in positive four-star reviews can add a level of honesty and trustworthiness to your reviews, making them more believable to potential customers.

Sort Reviews by Location

While a tip not relevant for everyone, businesses that sell items on a regional or international level may offer the ability to filter customer reviews by geographical location. This tip is most frequently used by franchises and multi-store companies, namely restaurants, but can apply across the board no matter your specialty. Sorting by location offers customers more culturally and socially-relevant reviews that they're more likely to relate to, while also avoiding any potential language barriers for globally-purchased products.

Turn Reviews into Testimonials and Case Studies

For services and products that this applies, store owners may find it especially effective to add a website page dedicated to a few testimonials or case studies. In this format, reviews are taken to the next level by showcasing a more developed customer experience. You can feature a personal story and how your product or service has made a difference in their lives for the better, and even add validity to the story by incorporating pictures and quotes. Testimonials demonstrate that customers care enough about your product to participate in a longer set of review questions, and show potential buyers that you care about your customers enough to showcase them.

Build Your Site With Full Fat Commerce

A fool-proof way of best displaying top reviews is to revamp your website! For one, keeping your user experience friendly and engaging will make customers not only more likely to purchase your product, but also more likely to leave a review to be displayed. Moreover, well-displayed reviews will convert site traffic into sales with ease. For automating your own reviews, simply add an app from the Shopify App Store that allows customers to leave opinions on your site directly. A popular option is Yotpo, which can be installed in a single click!

For a more involved review module, contact Full Fat Commerce today! Our agency customises Shopify themes and crafts sites that better complement your store's abilities and expertise. Paired with already-stellar reviews and top-tier products, an online shop by Full Fat Commerce will ensure that every customer feels compelled to leave you with five stars.

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