5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Shopify Entrepreneurs

5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Shopify Entrepreneurs

In our opinion, podcasts are the best way to regularly receive in-depth information in a way that is personal, entertaining and human-led. So, we’ve complied a short list of essential, must-listen podcasts for Shopify entrepreneurs (that you can easily navigate on mobile).

The Advanced Selling Podcast

It might not be directly related to Shopify, but this podcast is undeniably relevant for people looking for ways to gain leads and secure sales.

Hosted by B2B sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale, The Advanced Selling Podcast gets to the heart of the challenges and struggles sales-oriented professionals may be facing - then addresses all of them. For example, the episode ‘When Cold Calls Get the Best of You’ delves into the psychology of cold calling and suggests alternative methods to prevent sellers like you from burning out.

Titles are clear and easy to understand. Plus, every episode is short so it is perfect for busy entrepreneurs, salespeople, managers and business owners who are looking to learn about one topic in one sitting - without having to revisit the episode later in the day.

Length of each episode: approx. 20 minutes

Shopify Masters

Shopify’s very own podcast, Shopify Masters, is all about helping new entrepreneurs make effective business decisions and suggesting ways established medium sized businesses can smash through that growth barrier.

With an emphasis on anecdotal stories and case studies from real businesses, listeners get a detailed and qualitative account of what it’s like to work towards success. There is a great benefit to this - you get a good dose of commercial awareness and industry insights from the various entrepreneurs being interviewed. After all, no two businesses are the same so it’s pretty valuable to have that sense of context.

Length of each episode: 40-50 minutes

Working with Shopify

Caroline Balinska’s weekly show Winning with Shopify provides you with tips, strategies and practical advice on how to take actionable steps to real success.

The podcast wastes no time, with episodes like ‘5 Steps to INSTANT Pinterest Success’ and ‘The Only Way to Get Results with Facebook Ads’. They also have an excellent ‘Getting Started’ series for people who need sales but don’t know where to begin.

Length of each episode: 20-40 minutes

The Growth Show

Do you like hearing stories about how individuals, businesses and companies spark change, creating ripples in the industry?

HubSpot’s inspirational podcast The Growth Show places an emphasis on industry news and case studies, like ‘How Glossier is Giving the Beauty Industry a Makeover’ and ‘How Spartan is Growing a 100 Million Warrior Movement’. Our favourites are ‘The Turnaround’ episodes, which discuss specific products or brands whose popularity has risen (or fallen) over time - like absinthe.

Length of each episode: approx. 25-35 minutes

The Buyer’s Mind

Like The Advanced Selling Podcast, Jeff Shore’s B2C sales training podcast The Buyer’s Mind shares valuable insight on psychology. But unlike the former, The Buyer’s Mind focuses on the head of the consumer, not the salesperson.

Examples of episodes include ‘The Buyer’s Emotional Motivation’, ‘Selling When Your Customer Gets Snarky’ and ‘Digital Persuasion in Sales’. Extremely valuable for those who wish to understand consumer behaviour at greater depth. A must-listen.

Length of each episode: approx 35 minutes


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