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What We Do

  • Custom Shopify Builds

    Your brand isn’t like other brands; why should your site look like other websites? Full Fat Commerce is dedicated to crafting entirely unique Shopify stores that make your business stand out from the rest. Our team can custom-design and build both individual pages or complete sites, creating visually-stunning eCommerce websites that integrate personality and brand identity.
  • Growth Optimisation

    With Full Fat Commerce, the question is not if you'll grow, but how. Our team of experts will complete comprehensive site audits on content, user experience, search engine relevance, functionality, and speed. All of these are measured against your brand's quantifiable goals to cultivate an individualised compilation of data-driven design, development, and digital recommendations. Plan ahead as your business inevitably expands with our growth partnerships, and begin believing that the sky truly is the limit for your brand.
  • Support Services

    Businesses change for the better every day, and your website should actively reflect the way you grow. With priority support, our team acts as your personal in-house web team, handling day-to-day maintenance that ensures your store can be successful. Full Fat Commerce’s services provide peace of mind that any changes will be accomplished immediately, so you can focus on the bigger stuff.
  • Visual and Written Content

    When it comes to content creation, our creatives always know just what you need. We’ve got an eye for media that puts you in the limelight, from conversion-focused photography and copy for new product launches to lifestyle shots that keep your website updated and fresh. Whether it be visual or written, Full Fat Commerce is the go-to agency for unique, on-going content tailored specifically to you.
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Who We Are

  • UX Designers

    Improving existing designs and developing new ones through careful comparison and thoughtful analyses.
  • Developers

    Formulating standout sites through an impeccable understanding of Shopify, from custom-coded homepages to original cart pages, and everything in between.
  • Project Managers

    Prioritising launch dates and deadlines to make sure you have what you need, when you need it, all by acting as a friendly and convenient point of contact from your project’s start to finish.
  • QA Testers

    Guaranteeing every customer’s smooth sailing through a store, no matter their browser or device, by evaluating software and code for functionality via custom tests and documented metrics.
  • Content Creators

    Crafting and designing brand-specific visual and written elements both on and offsite in order to boost your business’ presence through relevant content creation.
  • Growth Specialists

    Optimising every facet of your storefront, no matter how big or how small, and perfecting your website by creating a seamless customer experience that encapsulates functionality, engagement, and conversion.
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Our Clients

It’s an honour to have worked with such amazing clients, and we’re proud to have played a part in their success.



  • We have achieved so much in such a short time working with Full Fat and continue to see quality work from them - even when we are demanding so much! An all round great experience which has produced some fantastic results for our business.

    — ROZ, HEAD OF E-COMMERCE, paiskincare.com

  • We started with James and the team almost 3 years ago and it has from the get-go been a bliss for untechnical cofounders like us. Highly recommend.

    — KASPER, FOUNDER, labfresh.eu

  • Such a great company to work with. They knew exactly what we were after, were quick to respond and we're so happy with the end product!

    — GEORGIE, E-COMMERCE MANAGER, hgwalter.com

  • We really enjoyed every aspect of working with Full Fat Commerce. The quality of the work is excellent and the communication is clear and friendly.

    — TIM, CEO, dick-moby.com

  • We've worked with Full Fat Commerce twice. Extremely professional, would recommend to anyone looking for help with Shopify!

    — ABBAS, CO-FOUNDER, bloobloom.com

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